Choosing a Method to Keep Your Shiba Safely Close to You

Shiba Inus are basal dogs, which means they have wilder dog instincts. Therefore, their inbuilt predatory nature and interest in exploration and adventure emerges from time to time. That is why you need to establish some dog training rules for yourself if you want to keep supervision more organized. The following methods should be considered to keep your dog close to you so you can keep him safe.

Methods to Use to Keep You Shiba Safe

Three primary methods are used by dog trainers to keep Shibas close to their owners and from wandering. These methods include the following:

  1. The Supervision Method
  2. The Restriction Method
  3. The Recall Method

We will go over each of these methods, so you can see which method or methods work out the best for dog obedience training.

When a dog is stubborn, like a Shiba Inu, you may not know which training method will work out best for your pet. Obedience training for a Shiba is especially difficult because of the dog’s rebellious nature and hard-headedness. Therefore, you need to be exceptionally perceptive when you incorporate DIY dog training in your dog’s care.

To establish certain boundaries with your pet, your need to provide the right motivators. If your dog does not like what you have to offer, he will just turn away and find something else of interest. Therefore, the trick to training your dog to stay within its boundaries is to figure out what motivates him. Training your Shiba to stay when a door is open will keep him safe and from possibly getting hit by a car.

Dedicate Yourself to a Training Routine

You should begin safety training and socialization as early as possible and dedicate yourself to a training routine. Training of this nature may take as long as three to six months, so the earlier you begin, the better.

Starting the Training

When figuring out your Shiba’s motivators, observe what foods or objects he likes. For example, he may have a favorite stuffed toy or pillow. What does your dog obsess over? This will give you a clue as to what to use as a dog training reward.

The Supervision Method

To keep your Inu doubly safe, make sure your yard is well-secured and that you install, inside the house, indoor gates. You should also use a crate and leash to keep your puppy or dog from fleeing. One of the popular methods suggested for keeping your dog secured is the supervision method. The primary steps of this method are presented below.

  1. Many Shiba Inus run away because their owners are not watching them when they go outside to play. Go outside with your dog to make sure he is engaged in play in your own yard and is behaving as he should. Don’t turn your back, lest he look for a way to get outside of your yard for a while.
  2. Give him ample activities to engage his time. For example, set out plenty of interactive toys in the yard to interest him. When he has fun games and toys to keep him occupied, he will be much less likely to want to explore past the boundaries of your yard.
  3. Instead of him finding places to explore, take him on walks so he can check out things when you are together on your daily excursion.
  4. Never open your door when your Shiba is standing close to you. Always check around your feet if you need to answer the door. Your dog could be waiting in the wings to make an escape.
  5. Socialize your dog frequently. This means giving your Shiba plenty of opportunity to interact with other canines or people.

The Restriction Technique

Some people find it is easier to keep their Shiba from straying by securing their yard. The restriction technique involves the following measures.

  1. Make sure that your gates do not feature any holes or damage for an easy escape.
  2. Use a high fence and concrete blocks to prevent digging out of the yard or jumping over the fence.
  3. Set up baby gates in the house in front of the front and back doors.
  4. Install a fence in the front as an added safety measure, just in case your Shiba pup bolts out of the front door unexpectedly.
  5. Use a crate, when needed, if you have to go inside and outside frequently. Try to adapt your dog to the crate so he can relax and stay safe while you are opening and closing the door.
  6. Designate a separate room in the house for your Shiba. He can stay in the room a short time if you need to go inside and outside your home. Give him an interactive toy so he will not get bored and can stay engaged in an activity.

The Recall Method

To keep you Shiba safe, you might also use the recall method to distract him from running another direction, or away from you. Below are the steps to follow when using this technique.

  1. Lure you Shiba with a reward to get him to come to you. Use a favorite toy or treat to obey your command.
  2. Never say your Inu’s name more than once. Otherwise, he may ignore you. Once you say the name, you are done. If he does not respond, simply end the exercise and try another approach later with different type of motivator.
  3. Always encourage your dog’s return by using a higher-pitched voice or by patting your legs. This creates a more welcoming presence – one that is both friendly and inviting to your companion dog.
  4. Make recall a game. Your dog is more likely to come towards you if he believes you are playing, or have begun a game of chase. For instance, wave a toy or treat and run the opposite way.
  5. Reward immediately. When your Shiba comes, as told, reward her with a treat or her favorite toy. Be sure to give plenty of affection and verbal praise. By taking this approach, your dog will be more likely to come to you when called.

The above methods can be used individually or interchangeably to keep your Shiba Inu safe and close to you.